Trustees were delighted to represent Sherborne Food Bank at the Feeding Dorset event at the Corn Exchange on 25th April. Find out more…

Dorset Council, Public Health Dorset and Help And Kindness collaboratively hosted an event to celebrate the outstanding food projects that have made a significant impact on communities across Dorset.

Feeding Dorset brought together a wide range of initiatives, from community gardens and food banks to educational programmes and sustainable horticulture projects. The event showcased the tremendous efforts undertaken by individuals, groups, and organisations to support people in need to access affordable and emergency food, and to build Dorset’s local food resilience.

Representatives from local councils, charitable organisations, community groups, and dedicated volunteers attended the event to share their experiences, exchange ideas, and highlight the innovative approaches adopted in addressing food-related challenges faced by residents of Dorset.

The event featured informative presentations, interactive workshops, and networking sessions, allowing participants to gain knowledge and establish valuable connections. Attendees also had the chance to discover new resources, share success stories, and explore collaborative opportunities for future endeavours.

Cllr Laura Beddow, Dorset Council Portfolio Holder for Culture, Communities and Customer Services said:

“I had the honour of being at the event where I expressed enormous thanks to everyone who is working to support people who need emergency and affordable food in Dorset. The event was a huge success in my eyes and I would love to attend more events like this in the future.”

Naomi Mason, Senior Health Programme Advisor at Public Health Dorset said:

“The Feeding Dorset event pulled together the food security work that has been established across Dorset over decades. The event celebrated our amazing volunteers, and creative ways that our partners come together to meet the basic needs of some of the most vulnerable households.  Since Covid, we’ve had the opportunity to explore new sustainable ways to deliver food support; ‘Feeding Dorset’ provided the place to share those new ways of working, to form new connections and to remind ourselves how far we’ve come.”

Jon Sloper, CEO of #HelpAndKindness said:

“Our community groups and volunteers are such a precious resource. It was wonderful to be able to say thank you to them and appreciate their tireless work. Seeing the links being made between all kinds of food projects was just brilliant. The enthusiasm and interest in working together, and supporting one another, was tangible and inspiring. We look forward to seeing how these ideas develop, and to supporting the conversations going forward.”

Feeding Dorset not only celebrated the accomplishments of these remarkable food projects but also served as a platform to encourage further collaboration ensuring a more sustainable food future for Dorset’s residents.

For further information on help and support with access to food and the cost of living challenge visit Cost of living help – Dorset Council and you can keep in touch with Feeding Dorset here Feeding Dorset Follow Up.