Sherborne Food Bank is so grateful to 17 year old Isobel Blair of Sherborne Girls who volunteered with us for two weeks during the Easter holidays.

Issy has written all about her experience…

“Over the last couple of weeks, I have volunteered with Sherborne Food Bank, which has been an eye-opening and fulfilling experience. I started on Tuesday 4th April, simply stacking shelves with donations – this was relatively easy to get a grip of (once I worked out where everything went). Every other volunteer was incredibly kind and welcoming, which made my first day far less daunting.

Later in the week I worked on slightly more taxing tasks, focusing on packing the parcels that would be sent out to people later that same week. This is when I really felt the importance of the work we were doing and came to really understand the situations of those living so locally to me.

I have donated to the food bank previously, but it isn’t until you are faced with making sure all the people of the other side of these donations receive the provisions they need that you really understand why this work is so necessary.

Having the opportunity to volunteer with the food bank alongside such lovely people was such a great experience and one that I feel is truly valuable, for both me personally and the community”.

Thank you Issy – you are an inspiration! ♥️